Senator Jaiz
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Experimental Synth Space Lounge Pop in a Dark Industrial Ambient Container Delivered in a Kilt for Filmakers, Gamers, Readers, CosPlayers, Students, and All Other Dreamers.
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The dopest of Hip Hop BEATS!

Reaching for Lucidity, RfL for short, is an electronic music label based in Raleigh, NC. It is the home of experimental, symphonic, and ambient composer Senator Jaiz and hip-hop and beats producer SkidMatiK. 
RfL has come a long way from it’s start in 2005 as the home of the Mevio podcast “The Indie Music Blast” which ran until 2010. Eban Crawford, AKA Senator Jaiz, re-branded the site and shifted the mission to bring you great music from terrific artists. 
Acts coming to RfL in the future include Oregano Wrathbone and SLLS.